to come together and empathize with the world through the lens of digital art
Online platform
that inspires people
We are building the space where everyone will be able to explore world's greatest imagination and find inspiration
We are representing all digital art in one place
We are building a new type of connection between artists, curators, collectors and audience
We are building a new way for people to engage with digital art
We make digital art closer to audience
Your easiest way for engaging with the world of digital art
  • present your artworks
  • stream
  • communicate
  • pick your favorites
  • collect
  • learn
Our target Audience
Gaining a new audience, meeting collectors, building a community of like-minded people, exploring innovative ways for promotion, and conducting meaningful research
Accessing transparent and up-to-date market information to make profitable investments and showing their personal collection to the world
Finding a safe place to explore the world of digital art, navigating their way around digital art, engaging with many artworks and sharing their favourites with the world
General viewers
Creating content and exhibitions to bring artists from all over the world together, finding and researching new media and artists
Exploring new ways of sharing expertise with a wider audience, engaging in research and building an expert community
Industry experts
Product Approach
Gathering digital art without the sole focus on European and Western art, but including Asian, MENA, Latin + decolonization
Creating an audience- and artist-friendly platform, which is easy to use on a daily basis
Entering daily lives of people instead of dragging them into the world of digital art)
User Experience
Creating content and tools to understand and engage with digital art, providing a enjoyable user experience in context
Deep tech solution / efficient data gathering / innovations
Feautures Rollout Timeline
Summer 2023
Summer 2023
Autumn-Winter 2023
Smart rating system
Autumn 2022
Spring 2023
Summer 2023
Winter 2023
Summer 2023
Autumn-Winter 2023
Smart rating system
CIFRA DMCC, Free Zone Company / Licence Number: DMCC-848230