to come together and empathize with the world through the lens of digital art
Online platform
that inspires people
We are building a space where everyone will be able to explore the world's greatest imagination and find inspiration

We are building a new type of connection between artists, curators, collectors and audience
We are offering people an entirely new way of engaging with digital art.

We strive to bring art closer to a wider audience

At CIFRA users can easily:

• present their artworks
• stream artworks
• collect artworks
• communicate with other users
• learn more about art
We aim to represent all digital art in one place
Our target audience
Reach new audience, meet collectors, build your own community, explore innovative ways for promoting your projects, get extra income from streaming royalties

Get up-to-date market reports, make trustworthy investments, and get income from exhibiting your personal collections to the whole world

Curate your own playlists, explore new talents all over the world, and share your vision and projects with a wide audience of art lovers

Use streaming, education, and marketplace features conveniently in one place, browse through themed and personalized playlists, create your own selections of artworks and stream your favorites on different devices
General Viewers
Share your expertise with a wide audience in new exciting formats, explore new projects and launch future-forward collaborations

Industry Experts
The platform is built on authentically developed tech solutions, allowing us to provide a data-driven personalized experience for users and the widest spectrum of tools for artists
Users can find guiding materials about art, artists' comments, and videos alongside the works for more in-depth context, concept understanding, and exciting experience
Rather than staying within the conventional art industry approach, we go wider and offer our audience an engaging digital experience that introduces art to their usual daily lifestyle
We create an audience- and artist-friendly platform, which is easy and intuitive to use
We aim to highlight not only the European-centric and Western art scene but also talents from all over the world including Asian, Latin, and MENA regions
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Fall 2022
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