On CIFRA digital art and tech meet lifestyle in an effortless and exciting way
Your easiest way for engaging with the world of digital art
In the streaming economy, there’s a dedicated platform for anything an average user might need: music, movies, games and even dating are just two taps away
But why don’t we have the same access to digital art?
As industry insiders, we’ve carefully watched the first art streaming start -ups to enter the market. But it seems like none of the existing approaches have hit the mainstream yet
unique user experience
What’s the first word that comes to mind when you want to binge a TV series? What’s the first place you look for your favorite artist’s new single? We’ll bet that it’s probably right on your home screen
At CIFRA, we believe that the world of art is as thrilling, challenging and universal as the other content we stream
So, we set out to create an art platform where users can get the most seamless and the most exciting user experience ever
CIFRA is a one-stop-shop for every group of users: artists, curators, galleries, investors, collectors and art lovers across the globe.

We’ve created a wide range of tools to give each user a unique experience:

  • royalty system for artists and curators

  • marketplace

  • authentic personalisation algorithm and playlists feature

  • multiple screen support for streaming

  • gamified interaction mechanics

  • education space

  • investment consulting

  • art concierge service for collectors and more
We offer a secure ecosystem to make sure artist works are protected and securely stored:

  • OSINT methodology and digital footprint analysis for further artists and artworks verification, protecting from fraud and impersonation

  • artwork's authenticity manual certification

  • hashing for the artworks files

  • author's authentic digital signature

  • separated files for streaming and storage – original file never goes to streaming, making it impossible to download and steal it

  • watermark protection and streaming file size reduction
Our diversity & inclusion strategy includes, but is not limited to:

  • highlighting not only the most famous stars but also promising young talents on our Main Page

  • rotation of top curators and brand ambassadors on a constant basis

  • our approach will also be augmented by the rating system – users could share their expert opinion, helping other users navigate through the content with a clear focus on value and trustworthiness
We need your help to make sure that our platform grows to meet your needs as a professional artist.

We invite you to test CIFRA as inaugural resident, sharing your feedback as we roll out all the basic features this September.
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